Rescue boxers are typically older dogs who have been surrendered or abandoned—it's a rare day when we have a puppy or even a younger dog to adopt. We try to place dogs as quickly as we can, but since many of them come from broken or abusive households, we deliberately take our time to research the person or families who wish to take one into their care. At this point in the rescue's life we want to do our best to make their next stop their final home, so we appreciate your patience in this process and your commitment to providing the rescue a permanent home. We're looking for people who want to make the next years of a rescue's life their finest ones. Some of our best adoptions have come from people who were dead-set on a certain age, color and sex of boxer and end up having their heart stolen by a completely different dog—we encourage you to put aside any aesthetic expectations and just come looking for a dog you can fall in love with (and one that will fall for you!). Our organization is made up of dozens of people who have taken in dozens more boxers over the decades—we'll encourage you to talk and build relationships with some of these people so you and your new rescue can benefit from their experience. We believe in what we do and encourage you to contact us—we're always looking for another loving home for a rescued boxer.

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"Indeed, our lives have been enriched beyond measure becasuse of the love of a dog. We have been adopted by that most irrepressible of clowns, that most intuitive of comforters, that most selfless of companions - the Boxer.
He will make you laugh; he will make you cry; he will try your patience; he will outwit you when he can. And he will love you with an intensity that will surprise and amaze you. He will be your canine soul mate."

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We are always looking for foster homes who are available on short notice so we can complete an assessment on dogs coming into out care. We want to ensure we make the right decision for the dog and the potential family.

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Harley's Angels

Harley was a sweet 9 month old boxer boy who was surrendered to Boxer Rescue Canada Monday, April 2, 2012. Harley was surrendered to us because he became paralyzed three weeks previously and his family was unable to care for him any longer. As well as the physical and financial considerations, they live in a rural area and lacked access to specialized veterinary care. It was with great trepidation that we agreed to take Harley. We are just a small, self funded rescue group. We don't have very deep pockets. We knew even getting a diagnosis for Harley would be beyond our means, let alone the cost of his care and treatment after the diagnosis. Once Harley was in our care and we saw his fighting spirit, his battle became ours. Harley is such a trooper, with such an incredible spirit he deserved a chance to live. After diagnostics and a MRI Harley appeared to have had a hemorrhage in his spinal cord that caused a clot and burst. With aggressive and intensive physiotherapy the vets are cautiously optimistic that Harley will overcome his paralysis and go on to lead a normal life. Harley's medical expenses were approximately $10,000.00.

Harley is no longer with us but in his honor we continue our fundraising efforts in order to help other the other boxers that find their way to Boxer Rescue Canada. If funds are available, we occasionally are able to assist a families who face extraordinary veterinary expenses with their boxer.

Please help support Boxer Rescue Canada by taking part in our semi-annual auction which are held on Harley's Angels facebook page. The auctions are held in November and May.

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