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Important Note:

Boxer Rescue Canada advocates responsible pet ownership. All dogs are spayed/neutered prior to placement in their new homes. Applicants who have unaltered animals will not be considered a suitable home unless there is a valid medical reason as to why the animal is intact.

The Adoption Application must be completed using Internet Explorer or Firefox. Incompete applications will be discarded.

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Personal Reference (name):
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Reference who has known your animals, and you as a pet owner:
Years Acquainted:
Information on Lodging:
Do you live in:
House in the country.
Single family house.
Do you own or rent? Own Rent
If renting, are pets allowed? Yes No
Is there a weight limit? If yes, what is the limit? Yes No Limit
Landlord's name (if renting):
Landlord's phone (if renting):
Previous address (if less than two years at current address):
Do you have a fenced yard? Yes No
Fence type:
Fence height:
What is the size of the yard?
If not fenced, how do you propose to handle the dog's exercise and toilet duties?
Do you have a separate kennel run? Yes No
Kennel run size:
Do you have a doggie door? Yes No
Family Situation:
How many adults in the home?
How many children?
Children(s) ages?
Are any members of your household home during the day? Yes No
Do you have other dogs? Yes No
How many?
Are they spayed/neutered? Yes No
Do you have cats? Yes No
How many?
Are they declawed? With claws Without claws
Are they spayed/neutered? Yes No
Do you have any other animals/livestock? Yes No
Please list:
Who is your regular veterinarian?
Veterinarian's phone number:
Aproximate date of last visit:
Were/are your animals current on vaccinations? Yes No
How many dogs have you owned in the last 5 years?
What happened to them? (Lost, stolen, given away, etc.)
If any died, list age and cause:
Have you owned boxers before? Yes No
Why do you think a boxer is the right breed for you?
What are your plans for the dog? (Pet, guard, hunting, obedience, etc.)
Do you want: Male Female
Age preference? Yes No Preference
Why do you have an age preference?
Color? Fawn Brindle White
Would you consider another sex, age, color? Sex Age Color
Where will the dog spend most of the day? Loose indoors Crate Basement Fenced yard Loose outdoors Tied up outdoors
Kennel run Other:
How many hours a day will the dog be alone?
Where will the dog spend most of each night? Loose indoors Crate Basement Fenced yard Loose outdoors Tied up outdoors
Kennel run Other:
When your family is away from home overnight or on vacation, what will you do with the dog?
Do you agree to pay the spay/neuter fee if applicable? Yes No
The adoption fee? Yes No
Obey all leash laws? Yes No
Provide regular health care for the dogs? Yes No
Return the dog to Boxer Rescue if you can't keep it? Yes No
Would you agree to a housecheck, prior to adoption? Yes No
Have you or anyone in your immediate family ever been convicted of a charge of cruelty to animals? Yes No
Are any such charges currently pending? Yes No
Why do you feel you would like to acquire a dog at this time?
How much do you think it would cost to feed the dog (per month)?
How much do you think veterinary care would cost? (per month)
What other expenses would you expect to pay?
What is your definition of disciplining a dog?
Why do you feel that a Rescue Boxer would be a right choice for you?
Why do you feel that you would be the right choice for a Rescue Boxer?
What do you think might be any special considerations to consider when adopting a Rescue Boxer?
How did you hear about Boxer Rescue?
How did you come to contact us about a Rescue Boxer?

Note: By submitting this Adoption Application you are testifying that it, and all accompanying
documentation, is true and factual. Boxer Rescue Canada reserves the right to reject any
application for any reason at any time.


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