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Tyson - September 12 , 2014

This cutie patootie is Tyson, a 4 yr old neutered boxer. Tyson needs to find a new home due to a change of circumstances of his current family. Tyson is good with other dogs (except Labs don't like him apparently). He knows all his basic manners and walks reasonably well on leash. Tyson needs a family who will give him structure and boundaries along with lots of exercise.

Lea and Julie - September 12 , 2014


These two girls are looking for a new home. Meet Lea and Julie. They have found themselves in rescue when their owner died. These two girls need to be adopted together. Their ages are 6 & 8 years old.

Lea and Julie are so well behaved that if you are a first time dog owner or feel you need love, they are the girls are for you.

If you have any questions please ask. If you have no questions and are ready for love fill our adoption application. You will not be disappointed and your life will be full of laughter and love.

Daphne - September 12 , 2014

Daphne is a 2 year old boxer mix. She was rescued from a high kill shelter where she sat with a shattered pelvis and broken femur. Her injuries haven't slowed her down! She is a highly intelligent girl with a wonderful sense of humor, requiring her person to stay on his/her toes!

See Daphne's video watch?v=hkGhSLQtAKU

Daphne regularly outsmarts her people and we think she silently giggles to herself when she's conquered us again! Daphne mostly loves to lie quietly by her people but she does engage in spurts of highly active play. She requires quick redirection during those times.

Daphne requires a home that will keep her mind and body active as her exuberant personality requires much stimulation. She does not trust people easily and prefers very slow, controlled introductions with strangers so she doesn't become overwhelmed. Though she doesn't mind hanging with children, Daphne would be best suited to an adult only home. She does well with cats and most other dogs. She enjoys car ride, long walks where she is permitted to use her nose (nose work or tracking would be great for her), playing toys and learning new skills to keep her thinking. Daphne knows her basic obedience behaviors and is EXTREMELY motivated to learn more.

Phoenix - September 12 , 2014

Phoenix is a beautiful 5 yr old girl who hasn't had the best life experiences up to her coming to us. She produced litter after litter for her original owners but wasn't treated kindly. Phoenix spent her days in a barn with little social interaction or affection. Then, when they were done making money off her, she was offered for sale on Kijiji.

Some wonderful people bought Phoenix but soon realized they didn't have the experience to integrate her into society at large. She was wonderful in their home with their family but very fearful in new situations with new people.

Phoenix has improved by leaps and bounds since coming into foster care. She gets along famously with her three foster brothers and foster sister. She is doing well in obedience class where she is exposed to other dogs and new people.

Phoenix needs a home that will continue to patiently work with her. She's a very loving girl who loves nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch and bed with her person. She would do well with a calm, laid back boy for company.

Sloan - September 12 , 2014

See Sloan's video: watch?v=3PKtFb5dp1k

Sloan is a 7yr old neutered Boxer mix. He has a wonderful temperament and adores people. He gets along with most other dogs. Sloan has been in foster care for over 4 years now. While he is thriving in his foster home, he would love nothing more than to have his own person, rather than be one of 6 or 7 dogs.

Sloan has "paid it forward", being an integral part of the rehabilitation process of a number of behaviorally challenged foster dogs.

Sloan is an energetic, strong guy and is looking for a home with an active person/family who will channel his energy in fun, productive ways.

Sloan needs an experienced family, preferably with no young children due to his high energy. He also requires a placement where his folks understand rules, boundaries and limitations and who are committed to continuing with his training.

If you looking for a hiking and frisbee buddy by day and snuggler by night, Sloan is your guy!


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