Boxer Rescue Canada would like to acknowlege the support of Tania of Anacare Kennels. We are very thankful and grateful to Tania for offering of boarding and assessment of dogs  coming into our program. We now have a safe haven for emergency situtions.


Are you a suitable candidate to adopt a boxer ?
  • If you are looking for a puppy or a younger dog - contact breeders that are local to you. Boxer rescue rarely gets dogs that fall into those age groups.
  • If you are stuck on a particular color or sex - contact breeders that are local to you. The more criteria you include in your wish list the longer you will waiting.
  • Do not apply if you want a dog tomorrow - check out your local animal shelter instead. Our process takes time.
  • Do not apply if you're not open minded to a variety of different dogs. We do have the perfect dog for you - you just won't recognize it because your mind isn't open.
  • If you know everything and aren't prepared to listen to and take the advice of people who have considerable experience with rescue dogs and their possible issues - please don't apply to adopt with us.
  • If you are not willing to make a lifetime committment to the dog you adopt please do not apply.





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The link to our Adoption Application has been moved to the "Before You Apply" page


Help support the animals displaced by hurricane Katrina

The Boxer Underground

A listing of Katrina resources

Boxer Rescue Foundation

The Boxer Rescue Foundation is accepting donations for Louisiana Boxer Rescue.  Donations can be made by Paypal by using this email address: or checks can be made out and sent to

Boxer Rescue Foundation
PO Box 1203
Newberry FL 32669

Be sure to have each donation marked for Louisiana Boxer Rescue.

American Boxer Rescue Association

Help those boxers and rescues on the Gulf Coast.

Noah's Wish

A non-profit organization dedicated to helping animals during disasters

Boxer Rescue Database

If you know of a boxer displaced/lost/found due to hurricane Katrina please feel free to list the dog on the BRDB. Prefix the dogs name/alias with Katrina. The BRDB is seachable and people looking for their dogs will be able to search using Katrina as their criteria.




What's New ?


If you are having a difficult time finding a rescue boxer in your area you may want to check out the "Boxer Rescue Database". The database has a listing of boxers available from rescue groups who will consider long distance placements.




HELP !!!

Boxer Rescue Canada is in urgent need of boxer/dog experienced homes to work with some of our rescues who need extra training and socialization prior to being placed for adoption.

If you have experience working with behavior issues and can help us please complete our Foster Application.

As well we are always in need of foster homes for the senior dogs that we take in.

With the ever increasing number of boxers that are being surrendered to our group we are in eminent danger of having to turn away boxers in need. By having to turn away a boxer we are putting their life in jeopardy.

Please help us by opening your homes and hearts.


What is Boxer Rescue ?

Boxer Rescue is an organization of volunteers, owners and breeders that 'rescue' boxers and in turn, find good homes for these babies, that most times are homeless thru no fault of their own.

There are 2 basic types of 'rescue':

Owner-surrender: for some reason the family cannot keep a dog that they have purchased or adopted and they will 'surrender' the dog to rescue for placement

Stray/pound/shelter: these dogs are 'dumped' or found, and with a good network of shelters working with rescue, these dogs are brought out of the pounds/shelters and live with foster homes until permanent homes can be found.

All rescue groups work with donations or personal out-of-pocket expense. Some are funded by local clubs, but never to the extent needed. Rescues are basically 'free', however most times getting some donation toward the vet costs is asked for. In cases of owner-surrender where vet records attest to the condition of the dog, donations are still asked for to help the 'next one' that might not be so lucky. Rescues are all placed either spayed/neutered, or under signed contract to do have it done.

Circumstances vary as to why the dogs come into the program, but VERY, VERY seldom (in the case of boxers) is it because of a temperament problem. It may be health related (people dump sick and old dogs), but in almost 99% of the cases, the fault lies with the HUMANS...not the dog. Rescue requires applications be filled out, plus contracts signed upon placement.

Rescue dogs don't follow supply and demand. Often times the dogs are not physically located near to where folks want them, so please consider working long distance. There are Boxer rescue groups throughout the United States and Canada and in many other countries as well.

"What is Rescue" courtesy of Liz Phillips JayRbar Boxers

If you have any questions please e-mail us